Online Shopping: Three Questions

Three Questions when Online Shopping

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

1 Where are you going to put it?

2 How are you going to pay for it?

3 Do you really need it?

Where are you going to put it?

Just because it’s perfect for storing the gazillion and three small doll accessories that have accumulated or it’s ideal as a solution for the four hundred Tupperware lids that cascade all over the kitchen floor every time you open the cupboard, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect or ideal for you.  If you are looking at something that will take up space, it’s worth getting out a tape measure and looking at the measurements in real life.  Will that space saver fit into the cupboard or will you have to perch it on the counter or floor and struggle even more? 

As for clothes, you will probably know if are struggling to fit that one last t-shirt into the drawer, so it may be time to walk away from your favourite clothes shopping site and set aside time to go through what you already own.  You may find old favourites at the back of the wardrobe, or perhaps a little something that you had forgotten picking up. 

And if you have a good clear out and donate or sell all your unwanted gear then there will now be space for more shopping to fit – win!  And there is also the shopping opportunity to look for more of those space saving gadgets like the stacking coat hangers to help you fit more into the space (but measure the space first!)

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How are you going to pay for it?

You have been pining for a beautiful set of china.  It really is gorgeous, it would fit perfectly in your home and it has finally come down in price to only £200.  Or perhaps it is a handbag that you have been looking at for years or a coat that would replace the shabby but more or less functional one you currently wear.  

If you have the money saved, go for it!  And sometimes you have to go for essentials whether you have the money or not as you can’t manage without a means to cook or wash clothes, for example.  If you don’t have the money saved, however, you need to think things through.  If you spend that £200, would you end up not being able to afford a much needed holiday?  Would it be eating into bill money?  Would you be putting it on a credit card?

There are a lot of other places that have better information about credit cards and how they work, but, at time of typing, average credit card interest is @ 23%.  If you borrow £200, and only pay minimum payments, it can take over three years to pay off and add £76 in interest, effectively making that handbag £276, or nearly half as much again.  You have to ask yourself, is it still a bargain?

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Do you really need it?

I mainly fall for the kitchen gadgets that promise to make up for my lack of ability to properly chop an onion.  Then they jam the drawers, are utterly evil to clean and I end up finding it easier to just get a knife out and do my best while yet another ‘miracle aid’ heads to landfill.  If you see something that you hadn’t planned to buy but looks like the answer to your prayers, wait a few days.  You can ask friends and family if they have tried it or ask on social media.   

Sometimes you just need the handbag.  Or the shoes, or the cupboard organiser or the pretty mug.  Sometimes you need to listen to your mental health.  Sometimes, however, it’s worth taking five minutes and looking around your home and asking, is it really necessary?  Or should I make myself a nice cuppa (or your comfort drink of choice) and find five minutes to be kind to yourself in a different way.  You are worth kindness.

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